The best way to treat a Sugaraddiction is in a supportgroup. There is no other place you can feel so safe and supported than with other Sugaraddicts! Here we can share strengths hopes and difficulties as well!

All meetings are done via web and Zoom cloud meetings.

Upstart group: this is a gruop for beginners. You meet once a week and get a lecture about sugaraddiction and homework to provide tools in recovery each time. The group meet six times and in between we hang out in groups via Facebook to keep in touch every day.

Cost uppstart group: 3 000 Swedish crowns, approx. 240.70 GBP

Aftercare/support groups: this is a group for keeping the work up and staying off sugar! We keep working with the tools, and get new ones. More lectures, more fellowship, and more recovery! You meet once a week, and can choose between a subscription for a longer period or participation for six more weeks after the upstart gruop.

Cost aftercare group six occasions: 3 000 Swedish crowns, approx. 240.70 GBP

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